Hop Hop Girls


What to expect from your experiences with us?

Our mission at Danzversity is to provide humans with more than just dance classes, but a unique experience in which we can grow, both mentally and physically, as a human and dancer. Our unique teaching style and extremely inviting dance guides have a wealth of heart experience in teaching and performing various styles and disciplines.

Danzversity offers a place of unity through a common language that all cultures speak. We are a non-judgmental space and dance program that exists to provide safe learning and freedom of expression through dance. Our goal is to help facilitate global healing through the arts; we are a community for youth and adults who uplifts each other amidst the stressors of our daily lives. Danzversity teaches through feeling, thought, creativity, and the freedom to express how unique we all are and how to embrace each other's differences. We have been in business for 4 years and continue to impact many lives. 

Here at Danzversity, we have a passion for the art of dance and for helping others discover their inner dancer by helping you gain confidence in yourself.


Creativity Rooted in Dance Diversity, Biodiversity and Social Diversity with a street style vibe!