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Welcome to Danzversity,

We are a dance studio that exists to promote creativity, positivity, and inspire others.

Community, unity, creativity, not competition.


Danzversity exists to serve the community through the culture of art, music, and dance by promoting diversity, positivity, and the freedom of creativity.


Danzversity will be a preeminent, creative space known for empowering and equipping students to reach their full potential, so that they can positively impact culture through the freedom of the arts.



Written by Jaymie Orozco-Howard

Danzversity started as a dream a long time ago. I was 16 years old when I said, "Someday, I will own my own dance studio." A dream rooted in the desire I, Jaymie O. Howard, always knew I had. A special place in my heart to teach and inspire others through dance.

As time passed, I obtained a teaching degree and found opportunities to be continuously involved in the dance community. I knew the happiness that transpires when I dance should be something everyone should have the freedom to feel. I am the person that you would find dancing for hours and never leave the dance floor.

You might be asking, were you professionally trained?

To this I say, I was given the gift of being fully, experience trained. Every quincenera, wedding, party, club, and social hour gave me an opportunity to feel the bliss stirring in my soul. You do not have to be professionally trained to call yourself a dancer, or to even open your own business for that matter.

I tell the children on our Danzversity team to always be a star. A star that is respectful to their peers, a star that brings people light when there is darkness, and a star that grows brighter every day. I tell them that in return, they will learn to be great human beings on this earth, which we need more of these days. I tell them that together we are beautiful, just like the colors of a rainbow. We may not all be the same, but together we are beautiful.

Danzversity exists as a platform for creativity, positivity, encouragement, inspiration, and courage.

Let your mind create the natural rhythms that flow through your body.

Be the positive self that you wish to see in others.

Inspire yourself and those around you to be and honor themselves as they are.

Find the courage in you to try something new and different.

I want Danzversity to be so much more than a dance studio. I want people to believe in themselves by using dance as a step to bring out the best in each and every person.

A place where diversity and the arts are freedom. A place where youth and adults can smile, dream, and be a star.

My dream came true, and so can yours.

Be a star!



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