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Danzversity: Dancing Through The Pandemic

This past year has been rough for everyone. Covid-19 has affected us all one way or another and taking care of ourselves physically and mentally has never been more important! We at Danzversity want to help you dance through the pandemic while promoting positivity, health, inclusion and support.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) since the pandemic started people have had increases in anxiety and stress levels. Measures such as curfews and lockdowns have limited the ability for people to socialize and do their regular activities such as going to the gym or hanging out with friends and this has caused loneliness, depression and other mental health issues throughout the pandemic.

Dance with Danzversity

Danzversity is here to help you dance through the pandemic! No need to feel alone when you dance with us. Here is a fun, healthy activity that will keep you busy while staying safe and making new friends! We are here to help people in any way we can and we believe bringing people together through dance is needed now more than ever! We will show you how to embrace your inner dancer as you relieve your stress, learn new moves, socialize and have fun! At Danzversity you not only get to learn new dance steps but also you get to make great memories! We also love to share with you what we stand for. We call this our “Roots”. Danzversity stands for: Dance Diversity Culture and History, Biodiversity and Social Diversity. Read more about it here!

How Dancing Benefits You

Dancing has long been linked to beneficial physically, mentally and emotionally. Physically it will keep you moving which is a great way to achieve a healthy weight while also improving your cardiovascular health. The continuous movement gets your heart pumping - exercising it while you master the steps. Exercise never sounded so fun!

Dance also helps us mentally as it challenges our brains. Maybe you are taking a dance class to learn a new type of dance? The more you learn the more focused you become in order to recall the steps and move your body at the same time. Dancing can improve your memory!? It’s also been proven to boost cognitive performance as the areas of the brain where memory is stored are most actively used while dancing as compared to other forms of exercise.

Dance also brings people together, helping to boost our moods leading to us becoming happier people!

Do not let the pandemic stop you from having fun and being happy! Stay safe and open yourself up to the benefits of dance today! Visit our Classes and Events page today to learn more about upcoming classes.

By: Kevin F


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