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Danzversity Recipe Exchange

We recently launched Danzversity MMN, Movement Mindfulness and Nutrition.


Dance is the art of human movement. It improves our health and mental wellbeing.


The quality or state of being aware of self and environment.


Understanding the food you eat and the way it influences your health.

A unique way to share NUTRTION with our community is the Danzversity Recipe Exchange.

This is a fun way to share healthy recipes with members of our community and to promote and empower a healthy lifestyle.

Danzversity Recipe Exchange was launched on Pi Day, which is 3.14 corresponding to the date March 14.

We are going to share two healthy, easy, fun recipes per month for you to try at home and we'd love to hear how these recipes turn out and what you think!

Please share your thoughts and what you like about the recipes in the comment section below.

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