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Danzversity’s Roots and What They Mean

danzversity roots

“The tree is only as strong as its roots...” - Joe Abercrombie. Since Danzversity was created, the founder (Jaymie Orozco Howard) believed that Danzversity was so much more than a dance studio. She dreamed of a place where freedom, diversity and arts could coexist and a place where youths and adults would upbeat unite, dream, and shine. Our vision and mission are deeply rooted in dance diversity, culture and history, biodiversity, and social diversity.

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Dance Diversity Culture and History

“Every style of dance is a tribute to the elements of the spirit.” - Shah Asad Rizvi.

One of the most unique and appealing aspects of dance is its diversity, which includes hundreds of dance styles worldwide and each one with its own set of skills, music, culture, and history. Instead of limiting people to a couple of specific dance styles, Danzversity focuses on bringing a multi-style dancing experience, from the lively street style of hip hop to the powerful rhythm of samba, and helping communities unite by embracing and enhancing awareness of the beauty of cultural differences.



“Humanity stands at a crossroads with regards to the legacy we wish to leave to future generations.” - Elizabeth Maruma Mrema.

Biodiversity is the key to maintaining our ecosystem and the foundation for living things to survive and develop on earth. However, due to human consumption and other activities that disrupt and even destroy the ecosystem, including pollution, climate change and population growth, the biodiversity on the planet is under threat. Danzversity designs dance classes to let everyone move their bodies to feel the beauty of the earth’s ecosystem dynamically and through indoor and outdoor activities to let everyone understand the importance of biodiversity and how to act to protect it.

Social Diversity

As people always say, “dance to express, not to impress.”

Everyone has their feelings and experience to live in today's society, and every feeling and experience deserves respect. Similarly, as an active social person, various events that happen in the community also require our in-depth thinking. Danzveristy chooses different social topics/themes to enrich and design the class content in order to help people self-heal and relieve through movements. Moreover, the studio provides a comfortable and judgment-free environment to let people learn and support each other through interaction.

Mark your calendar!

We are proud to launch the 2021 summer camp to let everyone fully feel the roots of Danzversity. 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. Now since summer is just around the corner, we want to seize this opportunity to celebrate a year of unity and work hard with our younger members!

Learn more about our Summer Camp 2021 options and registration information here:

- by Corine


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