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Let's Talk Dance Entitlement in the Dance Studio World?

Updated: Jan 21

For too long, I have noticed that there is so much disrespect in the dance #studio world.

"You're not good enough." "Your choreography isn't commercial, fast or good enough." I'm advanced, so slower classes are not good enough for me..." "History and foundation are boring." " I know it all, everything!" " Why are you even here?" "Who cares!?"

Have you heard these statements, said these statements?

I am certain you have, the energy in the room says it all. I am so tired of feeling this, seeing this and even experiencing this. What does it cost to compliment someone else who is trying? What does it cost to help someone on their #journey? Smile at the next group coming in?

Where did this entitlement culture come from?

As I know it, the history of dance from tribes to family traditions is a celebration, a moment to join together and unite. To uplift each other, come together, cry together, embrace the moment...

At Danzversity, if you find me there...I will greet you, meet you and see you for you. It is imperative that the studio energy carry this throughout the classes.

Building commUNITY in the dance world takes work. But I am optimistic that I can make this happen at #Danzversity.

So before you come dance, please check yourself and your energy. We are a drama free, stress free studio. My goal is to build a solid #dance community that can inspire each other no matter what!

I ask that you please keep this in mind as you choose to dance with us.

Be #Mindful and #respectful. We all have a story and a #purpose.

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