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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of bad information out there about dancing. If you type “How to Dance”, into your search bar, you will be overwhelmed with over three billion results. Three billion! A quick glance at the first page of those results and you’ll see news articles, videos, blogs, and advertisements all screaming for your attention. How do you know what articles you should read? What videos should you watch? Whose advice should you be following? And what style of dance should you learn? The truth is it can be very overwhelming and frustrating. All you want is to learn how to dance, why is that so hard?!

Danzversity is different from all of the other dance studios out there. We are not a ballet studio. In fact, we’re not like any dance studio you’ve ever seen. Get that image out of your mind of Dance Moms with all of the yelling, screaming, and bitchy backstabbing. Instead, imagine a place where you have fun, you laugh, you make friends, and you’re encouraged every step of the way.

Our instructors have over 30 years of experience sharing their love of dance with people of all ages. We have a place for every person, beginner and advanced. This is your first time dancing and you’re scared out of your mind? Cool, we got a place for you. You’re a superstar dancer who wants to keep your skills up? Not a problem, we got room for you, too. We love dancing so much, we want everyone to dance.

Danzversity is not an elite club. There is no barrier to entry. This is not the cool kids show or the hipster show or the I’m-better-than-you show. No, sir (or ma’am!), this is the come-as-you-are show. We leave egos at the door and we just want to dance.

If you’re thinking about learning to dance, check us out. We promise you’ll have a great time. If you already know how to dance, but want to be a part of a community of great people and have fun, check us out, too.

We love dance, we love teaching people how to dance, we love the creative process and creative people, we love inspiring others, and we want you to be a part of it. Come to Danzversity and experience what makes us different for yourself. It could be the best decision you ever make.

Written by: Alex Howard

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