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Dance for Kids at Danzversity

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Danzversity Teaching Approaches and Philosophy:

Our intention is to provide a safe atmosphere for children to express creatively without feeling overwhelmed, insecure or pressure to be someone else.

We instill and reassure a sense of belonging by making sure every activity fosters and embraces the uniqueness of each child.

Our purpose is to use dance as a communication tool for children to share their voice. To be able to move freely and release all those blockages they carry on a daily basis that they are never asked to release.

We want to hear them speak!

We want their opinion on different topics, we want them to say how they are feeling, what their ideas are, what they look forward to and how we can help each other through tough times.

Now more than ever, have we asked?

Have we let them speak?

Have they been able to process the pandemic and how they feel?

Are they okay?

Children are a very important part of our society and our future, it is our responsibility to provide outlets of happiness and expression, to be amongst their peers, interact, share, communicate, and support each other.

Below are some great articles that reinforce the importance of movement for children/humans.

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